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Fulbright at IILM Graduate School of Management

Welcome to our FinTech Class!

Course Motivation & Content

IILM Graduate School of Management requested a Fulbright Specialist in order to enhance the FinTech education for their students.

FinTech is an emergent field. There are numerous successful Fintech startups in the United States, because of various factors. In this course, we will seek to identify these factors, and how to replicate / improve upon them in the Indian context. Because of India's globally renowned expertise in software, large number of ambitous and hard working young people like you all, and willingness to develop and adopt new technology solutions to finance (e.g. the e-RUPI vouchers and the Digital Rupee). India will no doubt become a global leader in this field

Course Assignments

In this course, we will work on a series of group projects.

Instead of lengthy individual papers, students will be assigned into teams of 4 students. You will work together to generate a series of reports that help identify how various aspects of FinTech can be implemented in India.

Individual Technical Assignments

Courtesy of IBM, we will also have the opportunity to learn directly about blockchain, AI, and other technologies by building our own sample Blockchain applications and a ChatBot.

Stay tuned for additonal information..

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